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What do we know so far about the 2024 Paris Olympic Games?
What do we know so far about the 2024 Paris Olympic Games?  © IMAGO / AFLO

From the latest developments towards the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024, to the expected competitors, controversies and general information you'll need to know, TAG24 is the place to be for the latest Olympics News.

From July 26 to August 11, 2024, the world's best athletes will compete in the Summer Olympics. In 2024 the Summer Olympics are set to be held in Paris, France, and TAG24 is here with the most important news, the latest images, and all the background information you could possibly want or need.

306 competitions across a total of 32 different sports are planned for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. This means that there will be one sport fewer, and a much lower number of total competitions, in 2024. In addition, it has been announced that a number of preliminary rounds for certain sports will be held before the games' official opening.

TAG24 will keep you well informed before, during, and after the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. This involves keeping you up to date on the winners, highlights, and exciting moments in the Summer Olympics themselves and also in the Paralympic Games.

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