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What's the latest from the LGBTQI+ community?
What's the latest from the LGBTQI+ community?  © 123RF / Joe Golby

For all of the latest news and information on current queer issues and topics, as well as developments from the LGBTQI+ community, stick to TAG24.

Same-sex love and gender diversity has increasingly entered the public consciousness over recent years. The traditional understandings of men and women, as well as of marriage and the distribution of gender roles is undergoing a period of change, and TAG24 will keep you up-to-date on the latest.

Members of the queer community are using their notoriety to draw attention to polarizing issues and to speak out against discrimination and violence. More and more celebrities have the courage to bring these issues into the limelight, and this means that marriage equality, trans-rights, and other LGBTQI+ issues have gradually become more a part of the political conversation.

The LGBTQI+ community often flies the rainbow flag as a sign of openness, tolerance, and equality for all social minorities, and you can check back on TAG24 for the most recent LGBTQI+ News. Be it political and social progress, events and drama, gossip, or the latest public demonstrations and protests, this is the place to be.

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For the latest and most current news about the LGBTQI+ Community, stick to TAG24.