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For the latest news on Bronny James' basketball career, stick to TAG24.
For the latest news on Bronny James' basketball career, stick to TAG24.  © IMAGO/Agencia EFE

With Bronny James' career ahead of him, there's always something to be said and something to be reported on. TAG24 is here with the latest Bronny James news, achievements, controversies, and stats.

Bronny James is the eldest son of famous NBA player LeBron James. He's an American basketball player who is currently attending Sierra Canyon School (SCS) and was named McDonald's All-American in 2023. A four-star recruit, Bronny James is being looked at as a future college basketball star.

With the potential for a long-lived and remarkable career ahead of him, things are developing for Bronny James astoundingly fast. Stay up-to-date on Bronny James' basketball career, his potential move into college basketball, and any controversies or scandals that may come his way.

How tall is Bronny James, what's his ranking and grade, how old is he, and who is looking to recruit him in the near future? Everyone's keen to know whatever they can about Bronny James, so TAG24 is also here with all the latest stats to be found about this potential basketball superstar.

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