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Britney Spears on stage (Photo: imago images / Top Photo Group)
Britney Spears on stage (Photo: imago images / Top Photo Group)

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At the age of just 16, Britney was already a world-famous and successful artist straddling the world of pop. But over the years, it wasn't just hits and performances that kept her in the headlines.

Overcome by the relentless pressures of the industry, with its 24/7 coverage, Britney's life spun out of control as she swung from an impulsive Las Vegas wedding, to substance abuse and a very public unravelling. In 2008, she was placed under the legal guardianship of her father Jamie, an arrangement still in place to this day.

But Britney's legions of fans never abandoned her, and the #FreeBritney movement was born out of a desire to see the star take back control of her own affairs. The drama has been unfolding in courtrooms, as well as online, and the singer refuses to perform again until she can do it on her own terms.

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Britney has two sons with ex-husband and former backup dancer Kevin Federline.

Decades after she first took the pop scene by storm, Britney Spears is still one of the biggest names in entertainment. Keep up with the latest Britney Spears news and developments on TAG24!