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What has Ariana Grande been up to of late? TAG24 has the latest.
What has Ariana Grande been up to of late? TAG24 has the latest.  © IMAGO / ZUMA Press

From her latest music, to her latest shows, to her latest philanthropic venture, Ariana Grande's always up to something. So, what's the latest news, and what do you need to know?

Ariana Grande has been a musical darling since her days on the 2008 Broadway musical, 13, at only 15 years old. Now, with six studio albums under her belt, a number of massive world tours, and a couple of acting gigs, she is one of the biggest artists of our times.

Considering her eccentric dating life, the various controversies and dramas that have surrounded her image, and her humble beginnings as a child actor, there's a lot to discuss when it comes to Grande's love life, music, origins, and philanthropy.

If you're keen to stay up to date on the latest controversies, drama, announcements, and goings-on of Ariana Grande, this is the place to be. At TAG24 we stay on top of all the latest celebrity gossip, and this musical star is no exception!

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